Sunday, July 31, 2005

Just Another Sunday...

I made my own version of this today from some banana peppers that I grew in my very own backyard. How domestic do I feel? I will now officially answer to "Martha", "Betty", and maybe even "Aunt Jemima". (I know Aunt Jemima isn't necessarily noted for her domesticity, but that is some tasty syrup.)

As a "gift" to my husband, we skipped church today. Instead we observed Sunday like I have always though all non-church going Americans do, minus the Mimosas and Bloody Mary's. Instead we watched "Runaway Jury" on TV at 8 am in our PJ's, read while Ella observed her morning nap time, went out for an egregiously large breakfast, did a bit of shopping, read the paper, took a long walk, and played inordinate amounts of peek-a-boo -- it cracks her up EVERY TIME!

At the close of this day, while my husband makes a frantic dash to the grocery in order to get some salami before the deli closes to go with the pickled peppers, I feel a deep satisfaction that I may not have ever known. A feeling of joy and peace as I consider that these people (and mostly likely there will be at least one if not two more added to our number) are the very people I will be spending every Sunday with for many years to come. We will have lots more breakfasts, many more walks, and hopefully a limited amount of peek-a-boo still to come. There will be other movies to watch in our pajamas,pickles to pepper (I mean PEPPERS to PICKLE!), and today probably won't be the only day that I have to fight with my daughter to quit stealing portions of my newspaper. (Hopefully she won't always be stealing them to drool on or wear on her head.) Obviously I had some concept of the permanency of this arrangement when I agreed to marry him or saw not one, but two lines on the pregnancy pee stick. But today I caught a glimpse of just how good this arrangement just might be.

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