Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Ribbon MANIA

Okay, okay -- the ribbon, posted below, on Pat's car might have not so much been his doing. (But I SWEAR he really uses that steering wheel cover) I was in line at the Dollar General, and could not resist getting it for him following our big rant session about how much the whole "God and Country" thing bugs us. We even made a family pact to skip church on 4th of July weekend for rest of our lives.

In addition to our "God and Country" issues, we are both beyond exhausted with this whole "Ribbon on my car to support something" craze. Of course you've seen them for Breast Cancer, Support of the Troops, and various other serious diseases.

But have you seen this one?

And I can't find a picture of it, but there is a guy around the corner from here that has one with a tractor on the ribbon and says something like "Stay BacK!" or something, promoting tractor road safety!!!

Maybe these ribbons have gone too far. So Pat and I started coming up with our own excessive ribbon ideas, my favorite being Pat's:

A "Don't be a Dip Shit" ribbon -- appropriately colored brown!

Anyone got any other ribbon ideas brewing?

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