Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Big Birthday in the Big Apple

In celebration of having Don "Mother-f***in" Rock on this hallowed earth for 3 glorious decades, we packed our backpacks and set off for the Big Apple to see what the city had to offer 2 kids on a budget. As you can see, S. Nanette Miller acted as our faithful companion on the weekend's travels. We found not one, but TWO free concerts that would have easily set us back $20 each had these artists arrived in Indianapolis. Kasey Chambers was a good time in Brooklyn, and M.I.A. was worth the LONG wait in Central Park. (LONG WAIT pictured above.) The new Museum of Modern Art met and possibly exceeded my expectations. It was certainly leaps and bounds better than the limited collection I saw there 4 years ago before they started the renovations. On a diet of mostly beer, bagels and pizza (because that's what's cheap in NYC) and one unforgettably fabulous Indian dinner, we paced most of Manhattan and enjoyed almost every minute of it. (A few of those minutes were really, really HOT -- that city lacks some AC.)

Pat enjoyed the maze made only of stacks of paper in various shades of green in the foyer of one of the high rises in Midtown.

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