Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Spawned from Brad

Brad's comment on the last post regarding the fact that the last picture on the post reminded him of a Christian CD cover made me giggle, then I referred back to other unposted pictures of Pat and I from the weekend -- all of them taken with the timer and propped on various benches and/or limbs at a wide variety of angles. I think all of them would be suitable for the Pat and I's upcoming Christian Album.

And for when I go solo...

There does seem to be a consensus among the appearances of the album covers for Christian bands. While I'm at it, we're open to suggestions for the name of our band as well. I once remember reading somewhere in the Old Testament, maybe in Hosea, about these people eating "Sacred Raisin Cakes" and vowed then that I'd name my future band that. ha! Can anyone do better than that?

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