Sunday, October 02, 2005

Lotsa Hostas

They're taking over! The hostas out front are taking over my sidewalk, and they're beginning to merge into one giant beast out there. The darn things even prevented my callilillies from blooming this year. Anyway, I have MAJOR hosta splitting to do next weekend, so I'll have lots and lots of little fledgeling hostas in need of homes. If anyone wants any, let me know. Rumor has it that some Cincinnati residents are heading this way in a few weeks, so I can send some then. If not in Cincinnati, I think they'd be fine to ship.

Note that there are several varieties, so let me know if you have a preference. Also, they really like the shade. I planted a couple in full sun last year, and they have not done as well. They may look a little ratty now because its near the end of the season, but when they bloom in the spring -- they're really pretty. A few of them do get that tall purple flower in the middle of the summer. Its not my favorite bloom, but it doesn't hurt just to cut them off.

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