Wednesday, November 30, 2005

All Bets Are Off...

When The Don was on the 2 year plan to woo me, he and Nathan used to come home with me for weekends with my family. The joke was always that everyone in Indiana drove a Camaro, and in their free time on those weekend visits, they'd even go "Camaro Counting", driving around the area, counting how many Camaros they saw. They still contend that they counted 14 in a 30 minute period.

Nathan, in his relentless mockery of all things Hoosier, always insisted that not only did all Hoosiers drive Camaros, but they also all hung out in gas stations. One day while waiting for a class to start, Nathan and I were arguing just this. To settle our feud, we asked the guy in front of us, also a Hoosier, if he had driven a Camaro and/or ever hung out in a gas station. As if Nathan had handed him a script, this guy replies...

"Well, I've only had 3 Camaros, and I spent so much time hanging out at the gas station by my house as a teenager that they offered me a job."

I hung my head in shame, with my only defense being that this boy was from rural Indiana, suggesting that such practices were not the case in the booming metropolis of the greater Indianapolis area, where I had grown up.

As of yesterday, all bets are off. It was lunch time, and I had 30 minutes until I needed to be at work. Realizing that I had yet to feed myself or my daughter, I decided to just grab lunch out somewhere. I pulled into the local BP station, knowing that they had good soup and bread in their cafe. After I placed my order, I realized that I still had 20 minutes until I needed to be at work, which was just a couple of minutes away. So I opted to just sit down and eat my soup and cheese sandwich the gas station. The humor in this situation didn't really hit me until E and I were wrapping up the leftovers of our lunch. It dawned on me...I guess Nathan** has the last laugh on this one!

**Although it should be noted that he goes to Costco just to eat lunch at their in store restaurant out in Washington. So THERE!

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