Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Merry Christmas Grandma and Papaw (Wuf Wuf!)

Any thoughts on why my kid would reply "wuf wuf" every time you ask her to say the words "Grandma", "Grandpa", "Papaw", and/or "Poppy"? Seriously, I have been trying to work on these particular terms of endearment this week, because what grandparent wouldn't just melt to hear that for the first time on Christmas morning. (Besides, we've gotten them all boring gifts, and something cute like this would really distract from that.)

Every time you say "Hey Kid -- can you say ___________ (insert grandparent term)?" She immediately replies with "Wuf wuf". Odd indeed. Until tonight when I started working on the term "Grandmother", the title Pat's mom prefers to be called which we HATE. But in the spirit of giving, I decided to drop my campaign to get her not to call Pat's mom that and work on getting her to say "grandmother". I went through the usual battery of grandparent names, getting "wuf wuf" as the reply each time of course, until I got to "Grandmother" to which she just smiled. Later on and several more times, I tried the same test, always getting a "wuf wuf" to the names for her other 5 grandparents (including Pat's dad) but only a mischeivious grin when I asked her to say "Grandmother."

It appears that Grandmother must be up to something. ha! ha! Think I could get the baby to say "Mooo" every time she hears the word Grandmother??? (I jest!)

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