Tuesday, January 31, 2006

It doesn't take much

Sometime around 5 pm each day, I stop to make a quick mental evaluation of how I would classify my day. That past several have been kind of lousy, just annoying toddler stuff. But today, when making my summary, I readily admitted that I felt like today had been a good day. Why? Had the toddler behaved better? (Only sort of) Had something good happened? (I got my wallet back I guess) Had I accomplished something noteworthy? Why yes, yes I have. Not only did I successfully walk my father-in-law through how to burn a CD via the phone in spite of how difficult tech support over the phone with him can be, but I also tricked my daughter into eating carrots by pureeing them and mixing them with applesauce.

Bottom line, it just doesn't take much anymore.

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