Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Speaking Of Gratitude

For reasons inexplicable even to myself, I have felt an extreme amount of gratitude lately. At a time of year when I'm often mired down by the grey climate of January, I have instead had an unusual amount of optimism and appreciation for the small things that make life nice. Strangely, I have been almost jubliant every time I think of...HOT WATER. Hot Water? Yes, hot water! I guess it makes sense. Hot water provides me two of my greatest pleasures each day -- a hot shower and hot beverages. For real, whoever invented home water heaters --- THANK YOU!

And while I'm being grateful -- many thanks to The Don for introducing me to vegetables. I have him, my one true love, to thank for my ability to eat a vegetable other than a green bean or potato. The Don, long before he was any more than just 'That odd but intriguing guy with no license' invited me over for dinner. Unbeknowst to me, it was his long attempt to segue into being "more than friends" but I was a bit dense in those days. He made pasta with zuchinni and squash for dinner, and out of nothing but sheer desire not to offend him, I MADE myself eat these vegetables which I assumed that I abhorred. Much to my surprise, they weren't just tolerable -- they were tasty! This was the dawn of a new age of vegetable exploration for me. I bet The Don didn't know that making me eat zuchinni and squash over 7 years ago would lead to him not getting meat on his dinner table more than once a month today.

One last word of appreciation to that girl who brings the Sunday paper. Thanks for putting it on the porch now, instead of the front yard. Its like you read my mind. Not having to walk out into the wet grass on Sunday mornings has been a real treat.

Thank you! Thank you. and Gracias.

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