Friday, January 13, 2006

Those Lovely Lady Lumps

Him: Didn't you have that bra on yesterday?
Me: Yeah!?? (perplexed)
Him: Why didn't you wear a different bra today?
Me: Umm -- I wear them more than one day. I only own 3 bras
Him: WHAT? Only 3? Don't you think you should buy some more?

Should I? Well sure, I guess I should. These 3 were purchased in Florida last winter at the outlet mall I rode my bike to from his parent's house, and, if we end up back down there this winter, I probably planned to buy a couple more. (They're really great!) But, really? Do most women have a lot more than 3? (I guess I do have a couple others for special purposes -- i.e. sports bra, strapless, etc.) I was just proud of the fact that these are less than a year old, keep my breasts somewhere in the vicinity that they were originally, and actually fit. I'm just glad that I'm not still wearing my nursing bras (even though I haven't nursed for over a year) and that no wires or threads were poking out. I know plenty of women that can't claim any of the above about their own "Over the Shoulder Boulder Holders."

So today I'm all paranoid. You mean, some women have enough to get them through an entire week without wearing the same one? As in, they're laundered after just one day's wear? Does this mean I'm just a bedraggled housewife? Is it not sexy to own only 3 bras? I'm not sure I've ever owned more than 4 at a time. Those darn things aren't cheap!

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