Sunday, May 07, 2006

Abandoning All Pretenses

While we have identified ourselves as residents of this fine state for nearly 4 years now, we've continued to maintain that our identity is separate from that of the stereotypical Hoosier. Beyond a few isolated incidences with shirtless canned beer drinking on the front porch (him) and lunching in a gas station (her), we have, by our own estimation, avoided being many things HOOSIER. The cars in our driveway all run and not any of them are Camaros. Small streams are "creeks" not "criks" and we generally drink "soda" not "pop". We do not listen to Mellencamp, and we don't watch Nascar.

But on Saturday night, with my inlaws as witness, we had to abandon any notion that we were not, indeed, fledging rednecks...

(Looks someone forgot to clean the window sills!)

What is this you ask? Well, its nothing other than a piece of TV cable running out my living room window. Where is the cable going you ask? It extends from my TV, out the living room window, across the driveway we share with our neighbor, and into his living room window. Why? So he can watch Nascar of course. Yes, yes...our neighbor, who runs 5 televisions in his living room all off of antennas, was boosting our 8 channel basic basic cable package so he could watch last night's race. He actually went out and purchased 100 feet of cable so he could do this. And we actually agreed to it -- without hesitation. Because, what's a boosted cable line between neighbors who have been known to sit in lawn chairs in the middle of the driveway drinking cheap beer?

This neighbor certainly makes it into the "Crazy Single Guy Next Door" Hall of Fame. And, after having lived at only 3 locations in our married life, we have THREE inductees into this Hall of Fame already. While our current neighbor certainly has his crazy guy merit badge, he'll never be able to compete with the first, all time best, crazy guy neighbor, Crazy Bill. Crazy Bill called me just tonight, and somehow we got from discussing digital cameras (we which discuss during EVERY conversation) to G-spots, his regret about not being married, and his concluding words of "Let's face it Julia...size does matter."

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