Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Done Got Old

Today's my 28th birthday, and true to form, I've been a bit sentimental if not even emotional about life today. I do not spend this day each year weeping over another year gone by, but I do usually wax a bit nostalgic and entertain dramatic feelings of how grand life is. (I've never said I wasn't weird.)

E and I celebrated the day by abandoning anything resembling responsibility, and set off for downtown Indy for an indulgent day on the town. We meandered the boutiques and galleries, drank coffee (or vanilla soy milk) and shopped in book and record shops...even splurged on a CD. Ooo...a CD. Did you know they even still sold those? We "pre-spent" my birthday cash on some new clothes, and stuffed our faces with hot soft pretzels for lunch. (You don't have to eat well on your (or your mother's) birthday.) We wandered the streets, stared at all of the people that Pat normally tells us not to, and climbed every step on the monument in the center of town. We filled every fountain we saw with pennies, and E even haggled a bum for some more change when we ran out. It was a satisfying way to spend the day, and as I was driving home with a sleeping kid in the back seat I really felt like it was hard to come up with much I regret about these past 28 years.

In honor of that...28 things I don't least not yet...

1. Getting married at 21
2. Having a kid
3. Spending money on travel rather than other more practical things
4. Any of my college roommates
5. Getting a tattoo
6. Marrying someone who's name isn't Justin
7. Seeing Fast and the Furious in the theater
8. Acquiring a taste for beer
9. Any time I've ever played hookie from school or work
10. Playing clarinet in jr. high
11. Moving around a lot as a kid
12. Teaching at Springer
13. Not wearing spandex
14. Seeing Barry Manilow live
15. Driving all the way to Akron to see the Pixies
16. Watching the Gilmore Girls
17. Taking Spanish in High School
18. Voting for Kerry
19. Not reading the Left Behind Series
20. Reading Gone With the Wind
21. Being named Julia (not that I had a whole lot of choice)
22. Wearing jelly shoes the first time they were popular
23. Not wearing jelly shoes the 2nd time they were popular
24. Skipping meat most of the time
25. Taking Pat's last name (If you remember my maiden name, you know why!)
26. Visiting foreign countries, both civilized and impoverished
27. Having a 4 month engagement
28. Choosing a cookie over cake

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