Monday, July 24, 2006


Our favorite boy (dad/husband) left town last night for 6 days in the Carolinas. Most of it will be spent in North Carolina for some training, although he'll wrap up the trip in South Carolina, visiting old friends. It didn't take Ella more than 5 minutes to miss him, and I suppose I'll start missing him at some point.

I jest. We miss him all over the place. His lack of presence threw off the bedtime routine, the morning routine, and the after work routine. (Do we sound rigid or what?) E was less than thrilled when my skirt, that lacks pockets, had no coins to cough up this evening at 6 pm so she could deposit them in the family bank. Her father usually comes home with pockets jangling full of change for her to deposit. At dinner she kept trying to save him a seat and even some food (a half eaten carrot and bean flauta no less...Mmmm!), and on our evening walk, she kept looking back to see if he was there. She might not have missed him at the neighborhood DQ, when she got to eat half of the sundae versus the 3rd she would normally get. I missed him most, sometime around 5:30 am, when the little girl needed someone to come cover her back up, and when I went to nudge someone to my left to hop to...I realized that I was the only one occupying the mattress. Thus leaving me the one to stumble out of bed to meet her needs. Your presence was also sorely longed for when I found not one but TWO dead mice in the driveway today. (Please note that I cleaned them up myself.)

What do we do when we miss someone we love? We talk about him. Here's proof...

Yes, and because we're Horners, we also make fun of him. Ha! ha! E thinks the shoulder bag he carries his laptop in is his "purse" and the amusement I find from this is both immature and limitless.

To be fair to her loving papa who is miles away, I'll include this also, just for him. (Warning: Its pretty syrupy.)

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