Monday, October 23, 2006

Bits and Bobs from the Sunshine State

A stiff wind swept over the beach, and the little girl's beach ball started to spin across the sand. Without a second thought, her shirtless father, sprinted off to save the ball. And on his bare back, the truth was made known. TATTOOS! The shirtless man's father saw them for the very first time, and now the cat (actually, the tatooed Japanese fighting fish) is out of the bag.

Moments after the pivotal event.

THIS is where I was meant to go to college. Too bad I found it 10 years too late. This once historic hotel for the rich and famous, now small college campus, is nothing short of gorgeous. Subsidized by the Flagler fortune, the total cost to attend is less than $13,000, not to mention that the dining hall windows are comprised of the largest Tiffany Glass collection in the world. That's a fancy place to eat cereal! Let us not forget that its nestled into the nation's oldest city, just minutes from serene beaches where dolphins frolick every morning. Its almost enough to make you forget how ugly Florida really is.

And we realized, its a lot more fun to like each other when no one has to work, you fall asleep to ocean waves, spend your mornings on the beach, have 2 people other than yourselves to tend to the needs of your child, and, of course, have cable television. Its so lovely that you don't even care when someone loses their glasses in the ocean, and requires you to drive them to the nearest city, one hour away, TWICE, in order to get new ones.

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