Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What Can I Say?

Friday night, when already packed for a quick trip to Cincinnati to carouse with these fine gentleman (and attend a baby shower), we had to make a quick alteration to our plan because Pat's mom was in the ICU at a hospital in Louisville. The events that transpired over the next 48 hours were neither pleasant nor pleasing, but, now, I can gladly say that all is well. Although still kicking in it a backless gown and eating hospital food, Pat's mom is on the mend and will be home in the next few days. Because it was already a short work week, we opted to stay down here in order to help his dad out and cash in on the mounds of food that people shower on this house because they know that the matriarch of this clan isn't here to care for her brood.

While I've done little more than stick around the house to cook, clean, and answer the phone, I have still found the week to be quite exhausting. Maybe its the concentrated time with the toddler and her campaign to heal her grandmother via art therapy. We have painted, colored, markered, sketched, and collaged, all because, according to Ella, "pictures make 'grandmudder' feel betta." To soothe the tension and nerves that are obviously peaked because of the stress, we have had a constant stream of music playing around the house (Well, other than when I'm letting my kid indulge in endless amounts of cable tv. Noggin = Crack). Because Pat's dad has a particular affinity for country music, we've sampled all of the Johnny Cash my Ipod has to offer, and I've also introduced him to Patty Griffin, Kasey Chambers, and the like.

To add some comedic relief to the week, we've been locked out of this house twice, having to climb through the bathroom window both times. The second time, I was alone with the toddler and 50 pounds of groceries. I lifted her through the bathroom window first before hoisting myself through the oh so small bathroom window. (Damn 50's architecture and their teeny tiny windows.) As I was lowering myself in, she hollers, "Hey mom, I'm going to turn on the shower, okay?" At that moment, I could've used one these to reduce the stress:

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