Sunday, January 21, 2007

"We Get A Diet Pepsi"

Sports have long had a stronghold in my psyche. While never being gifted at any of them myself (unless ping pong counts), I have cycled through being fanatic about most professional sports with which Americans have an affinity.

I can tell you exactly where I was when the Hoosiers won in 1987, when the Reds won in 1990, how ill I felt when Duke beat Kentucky in 1992 (Don't get me started on Christian Laetner), I painfully watched all of the Trailblazers and then the Pacer's attempts at victory in the past two decades, and cheered vehemently for IU in 2002.

Teams that I call my own rarely are victorious when the championships are on the line, to the point where one who might believe in luck might think that I have none.

The Indianapolis Colts victory this weekend feels tremendously good. Even in the snowy burbs, the fireworks are sounding and the neighborhood is roused. This past week crept by so slowly due to anticipation that one can only wonder if this city can stand 2 more weeks of the angst.

I will happily launder my family's collection of blue horseshoe clad t-shirts for another two weeks, continue to count the moments until the next and last (sniff! sniff!) football game of the season, and, based on my previous "luck" in these types of championship situations, will cheer with all my heart for the Bears in hopes of a Colts victory.

All this...and I can't even drink beer!

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