Thursday, March 01, 2007

In the Best Way Possible

The mounds of snow are slowly dwindling in our front yard. A couple of days ago, I noticed some newspapers in the yard coming to the surface, after being frozen below for a couple of weeks. When I tiptoed out in my slippers to retrieve them, I noticed something a bit more dastardly -- a mound of items meant for recycling were strewn about on a small portion of sidewalk that had become exposed. Soda cans, soup cans, milk jugs, and beer bottles were strewn about.

I conjectured that during the major snowstorm that dumped the bulk of the snow while E and I were in Florida, the recycling bin was tipped and the evidence covered in snow before our recycling men came to pick up the orange crate. Before strapping on some more substantial footwear to go deal with the debris that would certainly label us as rednecks forever (You know how fancy our neighborhood is! You've met our neighbor with the mullet, right?), I placed a quick, non-related call to my husband at work. I mentioned, in passing, the debris in the front yard, asking if he was aware of its presence. He stated he was not, then offered, "Well, now you have something to do."

*Gasp* *Curse* *I'm *!$* offended* *Hanging up now*

He later clarified that it was only meant as a joke. Hmph!

The next night, as we were putting the wee one to bed, I partially lifted my shirt to expose my expanding mid-section. "Hey EJ, look at my belly." Her father casually glanced down, and proclaimed "WHOOOOA!" which I quickly interpreted as "Damn Bitch! Packing it on kind of fast aren't we?" Before my stares of death could pierce through his face and melt his brain, our perceptive daughter diffused the situation by uttering, with a giggle, "Oh mommy, look at that beautiful belly!"

Maybe, just maybe, I have been a bit sensitive lately. The endless grey days, mountains of slowly melting dirty snow, part-time job that well over 1.5 years ago I said I'd only do for a summer, unexpected resurgence of pregnancy related illness, and copious amounts of school work and lesson planning can get the best of me. I find myself daydreaming about summer days, and already wanting to plan ahead for what bulbs I'll plant, seeds I'll sow, and even what type of swimsuit will cover 7 months of pregnancy come June. I like to think that I can will myself to live above feeling grey or getting bogged down by the details. That the power of the positive and my own sheer desire to give my family my best is enough to overpower the "blue funk" that can hover from time to time.

The good news is that spring will come, the semester will end, and surely the sun has got to come out...perhaps tomorrow. In his defense, he did tell me he liked my jeans last night, which was particularly kind since its my only pair of jeans that can still button without the aid of an elastic hairband. Its not likely that any of these factors will make my husband any better about making lame jokes that piss me off. (Bickering and mockery is our love language!) But we'll keep aiming to make each day good by its own standard, and trying hard to take it, as Pat always tells me, "in the best possible way."

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