Thursday, June 21, 2007


Yesterday morning, somewhere around 4 am, I was watching Jay Leno. Apparently they re-air his show through out the night for the poor slobs who aren't sleeping as they should be at that ungodly hour. Fred Thompson was on discussing his possible run for president, and I started thinking about what the country would be like, were Fred Thompson in charge. I did not necessarily conjure a pretty picture. I started thinking about all of the current candidates, trying to surmise if I really wanted any of them to be the president... Hillary? Mr. Obama? Giuliani?
Hmmm...what about the name Rudy? That was my great-grandpa's name. And I definitely don't think I could name the kid "Barak" -- that's so very Old Testament. Fred? Pat likes the name "Frank" -- I wonder if he likes Fred...OH Hell! I'm thinking about the kid again! Stop! Stop! Stop....

As months turn into mere weeks before we welcome "Pedro" I'm finding it hard to think about much of anything else. The more I desperately try to cram in some novels, get things organized, and connect with the outside world, knowing such opportunities may soon become limited for a while, I more often find myself wistfully thinking of our son and what he will bring to this household. (And, after yesterday, trying to figure out how on earth we're going to get him out.) That is, when I'm not trying to convince his sister that no matter how hard she begs the television, Clifford will not be coming back on again until tomorrow morning.

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