Friday, August 10, 2007

The 3 B's

Baby, Book, and Bed!

Pat has been chanting this mantra the past two nights as he regains one of his favorite newborn pasttimes -- late night dozing/reading in bed before the babe heads off to the crib. He and Ella completed Moby Dick in her first few weeks of life, and tonight, he and Conrad are resuming this tradition by reading the last Harry Potter book that Pat was lucky enough to find on the shelf at the library tonight.

Having a newborn in the house again floods us with memories from three years ago. Of course, this time, with a 3 year old as a part of the mix, life is a lot different. We're already trying to figure out where to perch Conrad to protect him from her Tazmanian like fury with which she storms the house each day (on top of the fridge?), and we think its probably best to keep a pot of water boiling on the stove at all times in order to keep sterile all of the baby belongings that she insists on handling with her grubby sausage fingers in the name of being "helpful". She finds the world of a newborn to be quite fascinating. She doesn't understand why he sleeps so much, wants to know why he's not interested in any of her toys, and has asked more than one adult woman whether or not they have milk in their boobs like her mom -- then usually lifts her shirt to reveal her lack there of.

We're exhausted, overwhelmed, and befuddled -- but I'm not sure we've ever been happier. It's good to be home!

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