Wednesday, November 21, 2007


We are in survival mode here in the heartland.
On two solid legs we hardly can stand.
The once sound sleeping infant now every 3 hours must eat.
And the semester ending papers and projects are mine to complete.
The little girl wants to play games, read books, and be fed.
Her parents want sleep or at least time in their bed.

Many blog posts across my mind have flitted.
But to more pressing tasks my time's been committed.
Today I think of things for which I am grateful.
Certainly not excluding a family that's not hateful.


When you're not getting enough sleep and your day is full of demands you can barely muster the energy to meet, you find yourself thankful for the small things that make the day more enjoyable. When my feet hit the floor each morning, a couple of hours earlier than they would like to, the thought of hot coffee rallies me. A hot shower is a momentary oasis. The crack of the back door at 6pm and the sound of her feet scuttling to greet him are the most soothing of sounds. His gurgles and chatters as he drifts off to sleep. A slow sip of red wine near the close of the day. His arm across my back after all is quiet at last. It reminds me of why I will do it all again...tomorrow.

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