Wednesday, January 30, 2008

SAGE fried in BUTTER!

Its been so uncreative in the kitchen around here lately that even I, the cook, get nauseated at the thought of another bowl of black bean chili or potato soup. When the highlight of the meals in your week are the frozen black bean taquitos from Trader Joe's with some Mexican rice from a box, you know its time to spice things up.

I stumbled upon this recipe via Not Martha who got it via Splatgirl who got it from

I stuck pretty close to the recipe. I bought beef broth just for the recipe. (I've never even seen veal broth. I bet people make it themselves.) I did not add in any chicken broth. Although, I think the vegetable broth that we usually use would've worked just fine. We did add some red pepper flakes to add a little heat to the taste, and Pat speculated that a smashed clove of garlic cooked in with the butter and sage but removed before serving might have infused in even more flavor. I think we'll try that next time. The fried sage leaves are outstanding. Oh yeah, and we used plain cheap mostaccoli instead of any sort of fancy linguine because I forgot to buy linguine. Linguine would've been good but certainly not essential.

This might be my new favorite comfort food. We were fighting over the last bits of butter and melted cheese stuck to the cast iron skillet as we cleaned up the kitchen afterwards.

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