Monday, February 04, 2008


Even as she went to bed last night, at the beginning of the 3rd Quarter, she still assured me that the team with the shiny blue helmets, the Giants, would be the winners. Since the Colt's defeat several weeks ago, she's has been confident of a Giant's victory, in spite of how disappointed she was that were no actual GIANTS on the field. I kissed her on the forehead, smiling at her optimism, and told her that Eli appreciated her confidence in him, no matter how misguided. Sweet girl, the Patriots don't let anyone score in the 4th quarter. Keeping the first half close is just for show, so their opponents feel that much more humiliated when they're beat into submission in the final minutes of the game.

But, hot damn, apparently Ella, Eli, and Plaxico knew of an alternate ending. Too bad fantasy football is over. I had Eli and Plaxico this season. Last night's touchdown in the final seconds made up for their lack luster showing in the first half of the season when I really could've used the points. When Plaxico was reduced to a pile of hot, melty tears at the end of the game, I'm sure what he was trying to say "Julia, this one was for YOU! After letting you down the first half of the season." Or maybe not! But it was certainly some exciting football. I haven't been that kind of excited since, well, probably since the other Manning kissed the Lombardi trophy this time last year. I'm not okay with all of our presidents coming from the some families , but I'm definitely in support of back to back Superbowl QB's being kin.

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