Tuesday, April 15, 2008


A few posts back, Caress tagged me to post 6 random things about myself...

#1 -- When I'm on the phone for anything length of time, which is rare, I usually end up in front of a mirror while I'm talking. In my defense, I don't consciously walk to the mirror and I don't really "look" at myself. Perhaps I just like to have the image of another person in front of me while I chat, so it seems more "real"! I don't know. Its weird and I've always done it.

#2 -- In the middle of the night, if I get up to use restroom, I sometimes have to open the shower curtain first to assure myself that no one is in there. If there actually was someone in there, I'm not certain what I would do.

#3 -- Even though I'm a reasonably conversational person, I really hate to call people on the phone, possibly excluding my mother and mother-in-law, who I usually just talk to about the kids. Hence why you're more likely to get an email rather than a phone call from me. Ask one of my closest friends of the past decade, whom I've probably called less than 20x since we parted ways in college. Thankfully, she doesn't do any better on the phone than I do, but we have collectively logged an average of 3-4 emails a week over this past decade.

#4-- I wish I was writing this post about my husband who is waaaaaay more random than I could ever aspire to be. He just gave me a big speech about how he's glad that I'll drink wine out of a juice glass because its difficult to clean and put wine glasses away. RANDOM! He once went on at length to his father about how I was the right woman for him based on the fact that I don't overconsume toilet paper.

#5 -- I shave my legs every day, all year long. Even when I decide that I am NOT going to shave my legs, I usually find myself, absentmindedly, shaving my legs anyway.

#6 -- When I sit down to pee, I never know if I'm going to poop or not.

Maybe Caress is sorry she asked....

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