Friday, June 20, 2008

A Little Something Special

We are working on the "Guests First" concept with our daughter. So when she had a friend over the other night, I suggested she let her guest choose which one of Ella's menagerie of pillows she wanted to sleep on. Of course, her friend unknowingly selects the only pillow that Ella really cares about -- her small Batman pillow that she sleeps with every night. Ella's gasped and looked at me with panic in her eyes. I quickly decided that while its important to treat your guests with the best, its also okay to have a few things that are just your own. I offered that maybe Ella could politely say "This pillow is really special to me. Could you please pick a different one?" She did, and her friend easily obliged. But because every 3.95 year old can take a good thing and ruin it in 3.95 seconds, just moments later, when her friend reaches for a toy, I hear Ella say, "Molly, that <random piece of plastic crap> is really special to me!"

It seems that there is nothing truly special anymore. A friend and I were recently discussing how truly unspecial even produce is anymore. Remember when you looked forward all summer to corn on the cob being in season. Every August, my family would gorge themselves on hot buttery ears of sweet corn from my grandma's garden until the thought of corn became appalling. Now you can get corn on the cob practically year round.

While planning a pending trip to Chicago, a friend asked me about Michigan Avenue, the historic Magnificent Mile which was once every shoppers dream. Now, its hardly better than any other outdoor mall that is popping up all over the Midwest, complete with Pottery Barn, the Gap, and probably the god forsaken Disney Store. Remember when Macy's or Nordstrom was a shopping privilege only for those who traveled to the major city's of the world? Even here in the middle of the corn fields, I could get to either of those stores in about 30 minutes.

In this age of the Internet, gone is the mystery of the secret sauce, secret recipe, or secret to how to save the princess. Its all just a quick Google search away. Everything is now globalized. Every brand is at your disposal, most likely at your local Target. Pornography is no longer just for those brave enough to ask for it at the counter or visit elicit locations. The global dress code is now business casual at best, so our suit jackets and Dry Clean Only finery sits in the backs of the closets untouched and unnecessary.

And if you'll excuse me, I need to go fluff my hair net and drive slow in the fast lane, because I'm pretty much sure this post has aged me. I've always wondered how I'd look with blue hair.

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