Friday, March 04, 2005

Back in Business...

There was this week in January when my child, spouse, and pets were all the potential recipients of my wrath at any given moment. Unfortunately for them, the source of my wrath probably had little to do with them. It was just a season of scorn, and there was little that could appease/please me. I've got nothing to explain this, nothing to excuse it, and just the humble offering that I generally only get like that one week a year, generally in January when the dark clouds seem like they're never going to fade away. Me and this 'week of doom' --aka "The Blue Funk" -- have a long standing history.

When I had this week as a Junior in highschool, I had my haircut 3 times in one week. Going from my shoulders to my chin, and by the 3rd visit, the girl that cut my hair didn't even have the heart to charge me. When I was a sophomore in college, when the dreaded week occurred I simply cut class for 3 days, taking the opportunity to nap, play in the park (must not have been January that year), and drink lots of mochas. I even gave serious consideration to dropping all my classes, until I realized that the only thing that could come out of that was me having to live at home again. (Ain't nothing like a dose of reality to knock you out of a funk and back into your senses.)

This year, 2005, when the "Blue Funk" hit I had my hair colored, this time only making 2 trips to the salon versus my former 3 (see, I'm improving) and I also deleted my blog. Ha! (Of course now you understand the abscence.) To explain the reasoning behind the random deletion would be long and stupid. I doubt you're all that interested.

It was not really my intent to return to blogging, at least not at the site by the same name, but I realized two things. 1. Every damn blogspot name imagineable is taken! For real, there isn't anything with less than 20 characters left. 2. Cornucopian is about the only title I could think of that is truly a little piece of me -- distinctly me. (If you don't know the origin of this title, you're not missing much!) I guess I credit this return to Pat, who has been cracking me up, pissing me off, and cluing me in for days now, causing me to constantly say "If I had a blog...I'd SO be posting that" I swear, this will not be a blog of Pat's quips and whims. We already get enough of that here. But I suppose this portal of personal communication was a bit more fun for me than I realized.

I guarantee little about the future content. Its likely to be just as boring, even more narcissistic, and even less interesting. How's that for incentive to immediately re-bookmark this in your "Favorite Blogs" folder?

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