Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Wearing Sandals...

Last week was TERRIBLE. I was mad. I was miserable. Somebody needed to die for their sins.

But this week its 70 degrees and the woes of last week quickly melt away. When its warm enough for my croquises to bloom, for me to don my flip flops, to open the window, to leave the coat behind, to take a walk, eat outside, enjoy cold beer, to sit on the swing, to play in the dirt...last week just doesn't matter.

Yesterday I had this fairly euphoric moment of letting E really experience the great outdoors for the first time. Last summer, weighing in at less than 4 pounds, there was little that she could enjoy. But yesterday, we strapped on our tennis shoes and took to the pavement. She ran the driveway in her walker, she swang so high it took her breath away, we ran the streets with the stroller, plucked the flower petals, and put our bare toes in the dirt. There have been plenty of times when I have suggested that I'm simply not cut out to be the mother of an infant. But yesterday, seeing her see things for the very first time, made me so glad that she wasn't even a day older than she is.

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