Saturday, April 02, 2005

Five Years Later...

There once was a boy by the name of Pat Rock
And with a deep voice he always did talk

While one day o'er his life he sat stewing
He decided to take up the business fo "wooing"

He selected a maiden with shiny brown hair
And a bridge on her nose with which none could compare

He pursued her quite faithfully for 2 solid years
But could bring himself to say nothing, because of his fears

On the eve of the day he was scheduled to depart
He bared all to the maiden, even his heart

And what should his wondering ears behold?
A tale of reciprocating love the maiden had told

How could this be? Could it be true?
Had she indeed loved him all the way through?

Well the timing was poor and the chances quite slim
But the future looked bright for the two of them

With phonecards in hand and hope in their heart
They prayed that the distance would not keep them apart

While the visits were few and their time not so long
They somehow knew that together they did belong

And now this young duo, as happy as can be
Are making their plans for holy matrimony

Their future looks good and really quite bright
As long as Pat Rock quits trying to cause a fight

They long for the dawning of their wedded bliss
On which the day her dad thinks that they'll finally kiss

The End!

--Written by a smitten college girl. Found in our basement tonight.

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