Monday, May 23, 2005

I'm not pregnant...

...but I REALLY want Pop Tarts.

I was trying to describe my craving for the Pop-Tart in an email to my pal Anne tonight.

Speaking of guilty pleasure, have I told you that I have been coo-coo for Pop-Tarts lately? Its a craving so ridiculous one might wonder if I'm pregnant. (I'm NOT!) But yeah -- Pop-Tarts!! I view them as pretty unhealthy, too expensive, and something I eat maybe once a year at my grandma's or something. But really late after Nathan's reception, we stopped to grab a snack at a gas station on the way to our hotel. I got some pop-tarts then because I always totally indulge my love of junk food when its late at night like that. I had been craving them even before that. They tasted SO GOOD. Then again really early on a Sunday morning the next week, I stopped for some coffee at the gas station and spied the Pop-Tarts on my way to the counter. (Damn Marketing ploy!) I felt like if I had to make myself get up so early for a job that I should have been done with long before then, the least I could do was indulge myself with a package of Pop-Tarts! (I can justify food anytime! ha!) Then that next week, as I was strolling through the cereal aisle to get my usual healthy old granola-ish cereal, I spied the Pop-Tarts yet again (It seems that the gas station and Walmart employ the same product placement team because I always end up running into those darn Pop-Tarts!) And darn it -- they weren't as expensive as I thought they were -- even the real ones. (My parents bought the generics ones when we were kids!) So I snagged a box of the "Low Fat" Strawberry ones -- less fat, less guilt for all of those preservatives and artifical crap, right? ha! Anne, I didn't even get home without opening the box. I watched which bag the cashier put them in, pulled them out as soon as my cart hit the parking lot, and Ella and I were munching on one before I got the car started. I had both from that package on the way home and another package later that day. I tried to ration them the next day, but by the morning of Day 4 -- when I thought I had a package left for breakfast, my box was empty. Not even sure when I ate the last two! ha! Probably over the course of several hours, breaking them off piece by piece as I promised that one little nibble would be the last of my Pop-Tarts for that day. heh! I didn't buy any Pop-Tarts last week, but when I stopped at Walgreens early this past Sunday to buy a card for a co-worker who was leaving that Sunday -- I definitely would have partaken again had they sold Pop-tarts by the individual shiny package like they do at the gas station. It was all I could do to keep myself from going to the real food aisle to see if they had whole boxes. It was a rough Sunday -- a box of Pop-Tarts might not have made it through the morning. heh! And I have this pesky cough that I can't get rid from my marathon illness that I can't quite shake, and as I sit here typing I think "I could go get some cough suppressant for bedtime, and pick up some POP TARTS while I'm there." I've clearly got a problem!

Yes, I have that much to say about Pop-Tarts!

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