Thursday, June 02, 2005

Everything is broke..

I blame it on the curse of the Refurbished Ipod. Maybe Apple's punishment to those of us who spend $30 less on the refurbished Ipod instead of a brand new one is that they place a curse on you and your family.

When my Ipod arrived, it didn't work right. It does now but it took a lot of coaxing, cursing, and collaboration. From there, the comments on my blog broke. They just vanished and all of the pleading, coding, and cohersion of my resident IT guy has yet to produce the remedy. There was a brief period of time after these initial breakdowns where the calmities were on a smaller scale -- just things like broken glasses, defective plants, and malfunctioning lipstick. But recently, its back in full force, this time laying its evil curse upon my unsuspecting spouse. His car leaks -- leaving the trunk as a wading pool. His battery died, and in the process of that $60 replacement, something else broke, requiring a tow and an additional repair bill. The garage door broke in such a way as to require a repair man and a $70 per hour labor fee. Today, Ella even busted her lip, not in such a tragic way, but perhaps as a small warning that something must be done, or else she might be the next recipient of the curse.

I don't know what someone must do in order to reverse such a curse. I do not believe I would be authorized to raise up one my cats as a peace offering, and I'm a bit too attached to the little girl to make her an option. But if Apple would like the $30 I should have spent on a new Ipod, the check is in the mail. Or perhaps I can do as the neighborhood stray cat does when she wants to get back into our good graces and leave this on the doorstep of the gods that be.

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