Monday, May 02, 2005

Something I miss...

I am generally a big supporter of technology. Let me click a button, and make it so. Make faster, cheaper, and more efficient. But there is one place where I could live without technology...

The Library! I really miss the paper sleeves in the back of books that held the library check-out card. I really felt like that little card gave the book its own identity. It gave it a history. I could look on that card to see who else had read the book I was reading, or in some cases, when I had read that book last. I liked that the librarian had to set her little date stamp ahead each morning in order to stamp the due date on each card. I even liked the way the sleeve and card made the book smell.

And by extension, I miss the real deal card catalog. The big wooden cabinets with its hundreds of little drawers, holding an individual card for every book that the library possessed.

At least they still have the little pencils!

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