Thursday, June 16, 2005

A chip off the old block...

As a part of her daily routine, Ella J. travels to the same bookshelf to remove a wide array of books and/or pictures. She never removes them all, but there are a couple of books that always makes the cut. She seems to be quite partial to my mother's bible from the 1970's, an old Spanish textbook, a webster's dictionary, and, of particular interest to this tale, a copy of the Christian Minister's Manual. (A book that is used by minister's to perform standard ceremonies like weddings and funerals.) Of these texts, the Christian Minister's manual is always her favorite. She has even been known to crawl around the house with it tucked under her arm, or, once, even hanging from her mouth. One might be quick to say "Ahhh, a minister in the making -- just like her parent's once aspired to be" (before they became cynical and jaded). But today, like many other days, Ella might be revealing how she really feels about this manual and it's users. From across the room,while sitting in her walker, she spied it lieing on the floor. She squeals, grins, and takes off running directly at the manual. She ran right over it, backed up to hit it again, and repeated this process several times. Then proceeded to drag it around the house under the wheel of her walker, crying when I reached down to retrieve it. This is something that has happened on several occasions in our home. Thus leading me to believe that she may not be following in her parent's footsteps, but she's definitely got to start spending less time with Brad Johnson.

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