Monday, June 13, 2005

Pat's daughter...

She won't sleep. I don't get it, but she simply won't sleep. She's been laying in that bed for over an hour, mostly just talking to herself, her blanket, and her bear. At one point I poked my head in to make sure she wasn't playing with matches or anything, and she's sitting up in her bed carrying on a lively conversation with the aforementioned bedfellowes. When she saw me poke my head in, she turned around and gave me the dirtiest look, as if to say "Hey lady, we're having a private conversation here."

After an hour, she did become a little fussy and quite willing to snuggle up against her mom. I decided to indulge both her and myself, and try to see if she would let me rock her to sleep. This is something we never do, partly because its not a habit I want to start, but mostly because she doesn't like to be rocked to sleep. But there really may not be anything sweeter than a baby sleeping on your shoulder, so I was willing to give it a stab today. She was surprisingly still for quite a while, mostly just laying on me and patting my shoulder, as if I were the one she was trying to put to sleep. Just when I thought she might be drifting off to sleep, she popped her head up with the most manical grin across her face. She reached up, pulled my mouth open with her finger, and shoved her pacifier in my mouth,and proceeded to laugh if to say "Here, you chew on the plastic you crazy white woman, because I sure as hell ain't gonna take no nap."

We pay big bucks to be treated like this by our own children!

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