Thursday, August 25, 2005

Girl Crush

While watching what is my source for all news and culture, The Today Show, they reported on a new phrase that is making headlines called "Girl Crush". This is defined as the kind of nervous, nigh flirtatious feeling hetero women get for other hetero women who they respect/admire/want to be friends with. According to the report, this feeling is neither romantic or sexual. It can probably best be compared to infatuation, although they did also describe it as the feeling you get before entering a new friendship with another hetero woman. They went on to describe the entire "courtship" that leads up to women becoming friends with each other. A ritual that apparently mimics the courtship between that of those who truly have romantic intentions for each other.

I will pause here for Pat to enter his standard, "See, I told you that all women are just 2 drinks away from sleeping with another woman" remark.

I have tried to give this concept some honest analysis this morning, attempting to decide if I've ever truly had a "Girl Crush". I guess I'm still a little leary of this concept and even when I think back to the beginning of some of my most meaningful female relationships, I'm reluctant to say "Oh yeah, she made my heart skip" or "My palms got sweaty thinking about when I'd see her next". This is how Girl Crushes were described on the report, but perhaps it doesn't have to be that intense for every woman. In the end, maybe there is something to this idea, although maybe its being a bit dramatized. But I still maintain that I'm a lot more than a "couple drinks" away from sleeping with another woman. Sorry Katrien! :)

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