Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Singin' her tune...

Ella J., not having much interest in TV or anything else that would occupy her attention for more than 2 minutes, is a bit difficult to entertain. What will sometimes distract her for a minute or two is playing a favorite song of hers on the stereo. Lately, every time "Barricades and Brick Walls" comes on, she stands in front of the stereo, dancing, for the entire length of the song.Hence why I have already played it 3x this morning. It was just today that I realized perhaps the power of suggestion is at work here, and perhaps the lyrics of this song should have clued me in to why this is her new anthem:

Barricades and brickwalls won't keep me
from you
You can tie me down on the railroad
You can let that freight train lose
Iron bars and big ole cars
Won't run me out of town
I'll be damned if you're not my man
Before the sun goes down

You can chain me down
On the edge of town
You can leave me there to die
But the railroad track

Will bring me back
When the lonesome whistle cries
You can lock me out
You can scream and shout
You can try to change your name
But by the end of the day
I'll take you away
Like a force 10 hurricane

While the song's originator is defintely crooning this to her lost lover, I believe that this is Ella's "love" song to her parents. And it explains why she is forever attached to my leg. I really have to start censoring this child's music.

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