Monday, September 12, 2005

Hello, my name is Bill Murray, and this is Groundhog's Day!

Today as I swept up dry cheerios off my kitchen floor for what is quite possibly the 210th time, I found myself muttering, "If I had a dollar for every time...". This led me to consider those redundancies in life that would have long since made me a millionaire if I truly had a dollar for every time that...

... I not just swept up cheerios, but heard the oh so familiar crunch of a stray one under my shoe.
... I uttered the phrases:
"His real name is Don, just Don.

"I gave up meat because dessert tastes better"

"Yes, she certainly is a drooler"

"stop, Stop, STOP -- the kitty would like to KEEP her tail." dad called right in the middle of my favorite Sunday TV shows. usually sound sleeping daughter began to cry in her sleep just as we were about to practice "making a sibling"
...I had to argue that when I say I want a cookie, a Fudge Round does not fit the bill.
...and responded "Yes, I guess I wouldn't have to change my name were I to become a Rock Star."

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