Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Sneaks up on you...

Sometimes you wait and you wait and you wait for that really big event. And you end up waiting so long that you almost forget that you're waiting. And all of the excitement for that event kind of dwindles because you have to channel all of your energy into waiting, to the point where you know you're waiting but you can't quite remember what you're waiting for. Then all of the sudden its THE BIG DAY and that whole excitement that you have in the last couple of days before what you're waiting for comes to fruition is totally missed because you had totally lost track of time. Which is kind of cool because you didn't have to go through that long painful countdown or the rather laborious anticipation.

In short, I'm just 4.5 hours away from the season premiere of the Gilmore Girls....and I had no clue! Hello! Nothing to be depressed about on Tuesdays anymore.

I love my life!

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