Monday, October 31, 2005

Is it really that bad?

Last night, sitting amongst a group of evangelical christians, someone alluded to the idea that, as christians, we suffer "persecution"! Likening themselves to other christian martyrs, suggesting that they have to bear the scorn of non-believers. This person insinuated that persecution comes in the form of not being able to be the office "wild guy" because he chooses a conservative faith that doesn't value drunkeness, promiscuity, and vulgarity. I wanted to insert that this is hardly "persecution", and, furthermore, if there was ever a time that Christians were NOT persecuted, now would be the time. In an era of choose your own adventure religion, with a political leader who cites your god/God as his, persecution for being an evangelical Christian is applauded before its dismissed or, better yet, scorned.

Then, today, at my least favorite major discount chain, in all of cost-savings-ville, the cashier suggested that if she were me (and to be me she'd have to be 35 years younger), she'd be afraid to have a child in "today's world"! "You know, we have it bad enough, think of how bad it will be for these kids" -- as she points to my daughter was grinning at her with innocent affection (just in case this lady was passing out candy as many cashiers have been lately!). She then inserts "I hope you're not thinking of having another!" Perish the thought!

I want to know, you, the persecuted Christian, and also you, the down trodden cashier, how bad is it? Every way I slice it, I can't come up with anything other than, we have it pretty damn good.

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