Monday, October 10, 2005

Proud of My Dad

When I was a kid, my dad was at work. End of story. Regardless of what he was, a farm hand, a delivery man, salesman, truck driver, or handler, he worked and he worked a lot. It was always for the sake of our family, for the sake of getting ahead, and for the sake of one day...having it all. But I'm sure at some point, about 12 years ago, when he was sitting alone in an sparsely furnished apartment eating cereal out of a cup with no one to share it with, he didn't feel like he had much at all. His dedication to having it all, left him with nothing, not even a family. But the demise of his marriage did not curb his enthusiasm or pursuit, and he continued to work, this time, even more.

My dad eventually got everything he thought he ever wanted. He earned a prestigious title, the respect of his peers and superiors, and the ultimate prize, a big pay check. I'm sure my dad currently makes more money than he ever fathomed he would, but tonight he called to tell me that it simply wasn't enough. He called to tell me that he had achieved more than he ever thought possible in his lifetime, that he might have more money in the bank now than what he paid for his first house, and that he has the respect of people for whom he once could only have delivered milk to. But as of today, my dad is giving that all up because he misses his granddaughter.

Obviously, its more complicated than that, but in the end, living 3 states away 24 days a month, racing home on weekends to try to satisfy your need to be husband, dad, and grandpa, then racing back to be super-boss has been too much. He told his boss today that he doesn't want to nor will he do it anymore. So as of today, my dad is taking a demotion, he's moving home, and he told my husband that he can't wait to start hanging out with him EVERY NIGHT! ha! ha!

It could be said that my dad is doing all of this 20 years too late, but what's done is done. I could not be more proud of his courage, nor any more excited that Ella gets to play with her grandpa.

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