Saturday, October 08, 2005

A to Z

Katrien recently posted her song list from A-Z in response to a long ago post of Pat's that listed the same. Katrien also summoned me to find the A-Z song list that I had started a long time ago. Unfortunately, I have switched computers since then, and have yet to get a back-up disk from my old hard drive in order to retrieve that list and the other pertinent things left behind on that hard drive sitting in the corner of my bedroom. So, in between diaper changes, playing hide and go seek, and repeatedly shouting "Quit eating my cough drops child!" ...I have been trying to reconstruct that A to Z song list. But here is the problem: Every time I pick a letter and try to think of a correlating song, I end up just thinking of a food I like that starts with that letter instead. It goes something like, "H...what song do I like that starts with H? H? Happy...? Holy...? Hummus! Mmm, some hummus and pita would be good right now."

So without further ado...
"My A to Z List of Foods I Think of When I'm Supposed to be Thinking of Songs."

A -- Artichokes
B -- Black Beans
C -- Chai
D -- Dark Chocolate
E -- Everything Bagels
F -- Figs
G -- Ginger Altoids
H -- Hummus
I -- Ice Cream
J -- Jelly Beans
K -- Kahlua
L -- Lemonheads
M -- Mussels
N -- Nutella
O -- Oatmeal
P -- Pad Thai
Q -- Quick (As in Nestle's)
R -- Radishes
S -- Sweet Potatoes
T -- Tea
U -- Udon Noodles
V -- Vegetable Samosas
W -- Wine
Y -- Yogurt
Z -- Zatarains Red Beans and Rice

Now that I've cleared my mind of food, I'll try to think about the song list again. But not until I have a snack....

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