Wednesday, October 19, 2005

That Lady Stole My Post

I have a secret. A guilty little secret that I was hoping not even my husband would discover. A secret so private that I was going to sit down and tell it only it to all of internetdome today. I had been crafting this post in my head for days, trying to find the words to disclose my sin against all things that are more worthy of my attention than this show. But like any good blogger trying to hide her narcissitic tendencies, I purused my usual blog haunts before tending to my own post. You know, because I put other bloggers before myself.

Its a good thing too, because lo and behold, I uncover that I am not alone in my secret society of those who spend an hour each week questioning her intelligence for watching such an overemotional melodrama with such enthusiasm, nor am I the only one who longs for Patrick Dempsey's locks. Apparently this woman shares my pain and my joy. But let me ask you this, woman who stole my thoughts, did you download the entire soundtrack yesterday? I didn't think so. (But if you haven't, you should!)

The worst part is that I'm really upset that I didn't get to finish this week's episode therefore I didn't even see the part she refers to where the doctor climbs into the hospital bed with the resident who just lost the baby. I knew he was going to do the right thing!

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