Sunday, November 13, 2005

Hostile Environment

The good news is...I partook in NO video games last week. Even with a computer a mere foot from my bed, I resisted. My recovery seems complete, although, as I type...I here Tetris whispering my name. Evil, evil game.

Monterey, CA, in all of its beauty, possessing magnificent beaches, exquisite architecture, and the most healthy, pretty people I've ever seen congregated in one spot, still might be remembered to me as a "hostile environment"! Seriously -- weird things were encountered in that land.

Asian men tried to abduct Ben...or maybe just snap his picture with him in their arms. But still, it was weird. Sea foul absconded with a lunch meant for 5 of us, and consumed the lunch, in its entirety, in less than a minute. They even ate the chicken which I shouted "You nasty birds, you ate your OWN KIN". The Pacific Ocean just attacked me for no reason, when I was simply trying to let my daughter experience a little sea foam. Beyond that, wounds were inflicted, diapers exploded, milkshakes were poured right down the front of her shirt, and the baby pooping, it was prolific. And some creepy guy stalked us in the airport, watching our farewells, inquired about things that were far from his business, and asked, "Could the little girl come sit with me?" while on the plane. "Ummmm..NOOOOOOO!"
It was a comedy of errors to say the least.

But none of it supercedes the joy of time spent with an old friend, even when the combined forces of your collective toddlers is enough to make women plot their own demise. When you're dancing like morons in the kitchen, you remember, that even after 7 years of separation (with sparse visits in between) hardly a thing has changed. Or at least you think that, until you look down and see the 3 children dancing along at your feet. If its different, it might just be better.

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