Thursday, November 03, 2005

On My Cellular Voicemail...

"You litte bi*ch. I told you to call me, you little tw*t"

1. Thank you for calling me "little"! I'm not sure if its a good thing to have a little vagina or not, but whatever!
**Note: I even had to consult my husband on the proper spelling of that slang word and to verify that I knew what it meant.
2. I would presume that this message was not intended for me, considering that most of my female friends don't refer to me using any of those terms. Plus, your phone number is one I don't recognize, and as far as I can recall, no one told me to call them. So this leads me to question, did you totally miss the the "Hi this is Julia" part of my voicemail message?
3. If my husband put you up to this, please tell him that his plan has backfired!

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