Thursday, February 16, 2006

My Internal Jukebox

Seriously, my internal jukebox is terrible. I listen to music all day long that I consider to be intelligent and musically sound. Yet, when I'm just humming along to whatever song is stuck in my head, it tends to be terrible 90's frat music, Christian "rock" from my teenaged years, or just terrible light rock stuff that should only be used as a means for punishment.

I.E. For 2 weeks, I could not stop singing some Dave Matthews song. I would try to recall which song that was, but I fear that to recall the song would only lead to me singing it in my head for another two weeks.

Even as I sit here, trying to will myself to think of a really good song to play in my internal jukebox, Micheal W. Smith's "Place in this World" won't stop playing. A song that started several weeks ago when replying to an email from a friend regarding her quest for the right career.

What does it say about you when your internal jukebox isn't even fit for Pizza Hut?

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