Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sometimes there is just not a silver lining...

The past few days have been among the worst of my parenting career, or at least the worst in the past few weeks. (I tend to have a short memory for stuff like this.) I know, I know -- she has a cold likely induced by the 19 teeth that are all coming in at once (or maybe just 3 or 4). Its causing her to be restless at night, so she's tired. Cut the poor baby some slack, right? But when are you old enough to be told to just suck it up? For real!??

Seriously, if I have to read one more book for the 100th time, replace the damn barette yet again (to keep her moppy bangs that her father insists that we not cut out of the snot running down her face), fix one more meal that she will beg for but refuse to eat minus a bite or two, put her on and off of the toilet seat that she insists upon sitting on but rarely uses, or simply just repeat "NOOO...I'm not your jungle gym." -- I'll...I'll...who the hell am I kidding? I'll do nothing (other than curse a little in my head). I'll wipe the snot, replace the bib (you know, because she's DROOLING again), fix her another cup of water (and consider what a shot of whiskey in there might do to remedy the situation), and just hope that 12:30 pm/8 pm (depending on the time of day) isn't as far away as it feels.

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