Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Boob Tube

It seems rather fashionable these days to at least pretend that you do not watch television.

"...Oh NOOO, I don't watch that show."
"...I don't know. I just don't watch much TV."
"...TV fries your brain, makes you less intelligent, wastes your time...."

I think I have been intermittently on this bandwagon, perhaps presuming that TV was reserved for only those with little to do with their brain cells and time. But who am I kidding, neither my brain cells or my time are really all that occupied most days. Beyond that, I really like TV. Now, sometime a while back, I did make a vow to myself to not waste my time on TV that I really do not like. (That's what the internet is for.) At the same time, I identified that I do like some TV, and, even worse, I like pretty basic, trivial TV. What is suggested to be "intelligent" TV programming just generally bores me, but thou shalt NOT mess with my remote when American Idol, Gilmore Girls, The Office, or Grey's Anatomy takes the stage. The fact that Gilmore Girls and American Idol occupies the same time slot is an injustice to all that is holy about mind numbing television. I really wish you could see Pat's face making its most valiant effort not to explode when I strategically and incessantly flip between FOX and the WB from 8-9 pm every Tuesday night. Should he ever choose to leave me, its likely to be high on his list of cited reasons for why he can divorce me on the grounds of my insanity (or me making him insane).

My weekly television programming will no longer be my guilty little secret.

I like TV, no doubt about it! I like TV, and I ain't afraid to shout it!

And in related news:

I was talking to Pat last night about his own TV watching habits. Outside of occasionally watching a show I like just for the sake of occupying the couch together, Pat isn't one to watch much more than PBS Woodworking shows and cartoons on Saturday AM.

Me: It doesn't really seem like you don't like TV as much as it seems like you just don't like any current TV programming.

Him: When 'Friends' ended -- my life ended!

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