Friday, March 03, 2006

They do your BRAIN...

We are fully submerged into the world of spelling words so our daughter doesn't know what we are speaking of. "At 7:15, lets give her a B-A-T-H." To say the word "bath" at any time of day will immediately prompt her go running for the tub, ready to dive in, fully clothed. We also do the same when we speak of her favorite foods or pastimes. "Can she have an A-P-P-L-E?" "Yes, just not a C-O-O-K-I-E." And my personal favorite..."I know I'm a terrible parent, but I hid the B-O-O-K's in the bedroom because I simply could not read one more today!" ha! (Yes, we're the type of parents begging our kid to watch TV and hiding her books so we don't have to read them to her over and over. Brilliant!)

I knew the whole spelling thing had gone too far when I was talking to some other mom's at the library the other day. One mentioned that her own daughter was not so good at playing with other kids, to which I replied, "Oh yes, Ella J needs a big lesson in how to S-H-A-R-E." The worst part being that I did not even know that I spelled "share" until I caught their confused stares. "Oh wait, did I just spell that?" To which another mother cleverly replied, "Maybe that's why she has a hard time with it."

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