Saturday, March 11, 2006

Wayward Blogger

We spent the week in Florida with nothing more than a dial-up connection so my internet access was limited to just a few quick checks of email. The void usually filled by random internet use was filled by the construction of this...

Does it look like a seemingly simple project? Yeah, that's how I got suckered into it too. I thought it would be a few simple arrangements of some blocks from Lowe's to create a "Smoker's Lounge" to grant my mother-in-law some privacy while she indulges in her filthiest of habits. But three days later, and lots of time spent like this...

(He may look like he's just sitting there, but you know as well as I do that he's stringing enough curse words together to make a sailor blush as he sits there trying to make sense of it all.)

The three days were not spent in constant motion. Lots of time was wasted trying to compensate for our lacking math skills (square footage obviously being no one's forte), and of course there was the fifteen foot trench we had to dig...just don't ask! (I double dog dare someone to ask Pat about the phone line!) In the end, its not all exactly "even" but we comfort ourselves with the notion that "a few good rains will make it all settle out right"! ha!

There was still plenty of time spent reading fiction by the pool, a past time I don't get to indulge in much in these days of textbook reading and homework assignments. And the fact that probably neither of us changed more than one or two diapers the entire week makes it a vaction right there, regardless of how the rest of our time was spent.

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