Sunday, April 09, 2006

It's Raining...It's Pouring...

Last week, the severe weather sirens went off in our town, not once, but FOUR times on four separate days. It was a turbulent week to say the least. Judging by some of the news I've seen this weekend, it appears that most of the midwest can lay claim to this type of week as well. Relative to some locations, still having a roof on our house is something we should count as good fortune.

It seems that our luck kind of mimicked the weather last week as well...

...of course there's the whole broke down car issue. This required an impromptu trip to Louisville to borrow a car from his parents for a short while. Since babysitting was at our disposal while there, we took the opportunity to go price cars. Something we have done hardly any of in the past 4 years. And now I remember why.

"Uh yes, we'd like something with 4 doors that runs and won't crap out in a year under $XXXXX."
(Car dealer stifles snort and/or chortle at our expense.)
"Oh -- the Dodge Neon, eh?"

Sigh! Do they make sidecars for scooters?

And for anyone who's ever lived pretty close to the line financially, I'm sure you'll be able to identify with the 'It comes in threes' principle. If your car dies this week, then go ahead and assume that 2 other totally unexpected bills will come up that same week as well. CHECK!

What I don't get is when big bad luck happens -- the kind that costs you money -- trivial bad luck seems to accompany it as well. So when we weren't trying to figure out how to pay for it all without selling naughty pictures on the internet, I was making calls to poison control to insure that this particular product she smeared on her face and tongue wasn't going to eat her flesh or trying to mop up the 3 gallons of gasoline that sprayed all over me and my car when the nozzle dislodged itself from the gas tank while pumping.

All I can say is, "When it pours!"

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