Wednesday, May 10, 2006

War? What War?

Its easy for me to go several days without considering the fact that our nation is at war. Unlike other wars in our nations' history, this war does not really directly effect me in any way. Some might argue that the gas prices are linked to what's going on in the Middle East, but even that does not seem like a direct connect. I wish I could say that I was less shallow, that I was someone who took these matters of national and international significance more seriously, but I guess I don't. I would argue that I do because in theory I really think its a big deal, yet, like I said, I sometimes forget there is a war going on at all. I guess this doesn't seem like a "real war" to me. But then today, I read this on the front page of

Roughly 17,500 U.S. troops have been wounded in Iraq -- military men and women who likely would have died in previous wars. But thanks to medical breakthroughs and hard-working field medics, troops are being saved from the brink of death.

So while the death toll is something like 2400 men, modern medicine has kept it from being nearly 20,000. Of course a war is not only quantified by its death toll, but it tells you something.

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