Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Things are going down

I have already admitted that I watch terrible television...

So I guess I don't need to hide the fact that the TV has ruled me these past two days. Its quite embarassing. My friend Kelly and I spent most of yesterday in anticipation of the Gilmore Girls finale. And we spent most of the hour that followed, debriefing, casting our hopes for next season, critiquing the failures of this episode, and analyzing the multi-season downfall of the once virtuous Rory Gilmore. We did this while I watched my taped episode of American Idol.

Then tonight it was the big "kick-off" episode of American Idol. I settled in, prepared to send a little goodbye nod to Elliott...only to be shocked, stunned, and outraged when they kicked off CHRIS. There is no justice. First Constantine, now Chris. Why does America hate rock music!?? Chris, you'll always be the American Idol of my heart!

When my friend Joy called to offer her condolences on what she knew would be my broken heart, all I could offer was that I was sorry that I underestimated her pain when the kicked off Ace a few weeks ago. (Even though he was terrible with his whole "I wanna be Morresey" falsetto.)

All this and we still have a TWO NIGHT finale of Grey's Anatomy to go this weekend.

I'm definitely going to need more tequila...and a LIFE!

Sigh! I can't even pretend I'm cool.

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